How powerful

is your inner critic?

Excerpted with permission from

“Conquer Your Inner Critic” © 2013 Doris Helge

Enjoy taking this simple, proven test. We guarantee it will help you discover whether your inner critic is a serious or a small threat to your confidence, success, happiness and your relationships. Answer “Yes” or “No” to each question below.

  • Is your self-talk often self-critical?
  • Have you ever avoided taking a risk, even though you knew it could lead to a better life?
  • Do you wish it were easier to promote yourself or your accomplishments?
  • Do you worry what other people will think?
  • Have you noticed that you compare yourself unfavorably to other people?
  • Do you sometimes “people-please” instead of being Your Authentic Self?
  • When you do something well, does a voice inside of you ever nag at you with a putdown like, “But, you could have done better”?
  • Do you ever procrastinate or struggle with perfectionism because you fear you’re not good enough or you won’t succeed?
  • Do you long for more confidence when your inner critic zaps your motivation or success?

If you answered “Yes” to only three of the questions above:

You are managing your inner critic but it still sometimes damages your self-esteem.

If you said “Yes” to four or more of the questions:

You have a very active inner critic. Your internal gremlin often puts you down. It is creating unnecessary insecurity and worry that is holding you back.

If you answered “Yes” to six or more of the questions:

Your inner critic has a strong negative voice that’s creating considerable anxiety and stress. Sometimes you self-sabotage. It’s time to discover how to harness the significant negative power of your inner critic. Learn how to transform your inner critic into an awesome force you can use to your advantage. If you don’t, your strong-willed inner critic will continue to suppress your ability to enjoy the happiness, confidence and success you want.

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