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Does your Inner Critic ever Sabotage
your Happiness and Success?


that you can rapidly transform your internal censor
into a loving, supportive internal coach. You’ll love becoming the strong, confident person you’ve always
been destined to be.

With a new job description, your inner critic will deliver gift after gift to you::

  • You’ll discover your hidden strengths.
  • You’ll be confident being Your Authentic Self.
  • You’ll be motivated by intelligent optimism, productive insights and an intuitive edge.
  • You’ll feel immune to unfair criticism.
  • You’ll find Inner peace to soothe you.
  • You’ll radiate confidence
  • You’ll gain the recognition, respect and appreciation you deserve.
  • Taking intelligent risks will become a joyful, spontaneous process.

Are you ready to give your inner critic a new job description?

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–Dawn Lewis, CEO, Caffe Craze Company, Malvern, Pennsylvania

Doris Helge, Ph.D.

Are you ready to calm the crippling voice of your inner critic?

Take advantage of a proven program tested by hundreds of
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Does your negative voice continue to hold you back with a barrage of
dis-empowering comments and emotions, from shame and anxiety to self-sabotage?

Until you re-educate this extremely powerful part of yourself, your internal censor
will continue its struggle to protect you from harm, disappointment,
disapproval and failure by putting you down and making you feel
unworthy, helpless, fatigued, possibly even depressed.


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“Conquer Your Inner Critic” is a practical guide you’ll use to overcome your fears and achieve anything you want to. I couldn’t stop reading it! You’ll discover so many new ways to think about your inner critic! I used to think my inner critic was my enemy. Now I have a whole new mindset. Doris’ book gave me the courage to finish my most creative projects and do my bucket list. Thank you Doris!”
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be so strong and self-assured that it will be easy and natural for you to trust the process of your life. You’ll live in a blissful state of total honesty. You’ll no longer fear being vulnerable. You’ll always be relaxed and confident because you’ll be 100% Your Authentic Self, no matter who is in your presence.

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